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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service


Your account with No Worries Wireless begins when you accept these Terms and Conditions of Service by either (a) giving us a written or electronic signature or telling us orally that you accept, or by otherwise accepting through any other printed, oral, or electronic means; (b) paying for service; (c) activating the Service; (d) using or attempting to use the service in any way; (e) upgrading or modifying the Service; (f) opening any device packaging; (g) or starting any application, program or software that states you are accepting.  Service is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Customer agrees to all Terms and Conditions of Service in this application for No Worries Wireless service.
  2. No Worries Wireless may accept or reject your application for an account in its sole discretion and there is no acceptance until evidenced by its duly authorized signature.
  3. Customer acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Service.
  4. Customer certifies and warrants that the information provided in the application for service is complete and accurate.
  5. No Worries Wireless reserves the right to change or modify these Terms and Conditions of Service at any time.
  6. Pricing, availability, terms, data usage, data speed and other restrictions are subject to change without notice.
  7. Customer shall use the equipment services provided hereunder in a manner that complies with any laws, codes, and regulations relating to the possession, operation, or use of the equipment and services.
  8. Customer shall indemnify No Worries Wireless against, and shall hold No Worries Wireless harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, damages, and liabilities, including attorney fees, arising out of, or connected with, the possession, operation, or use of equipment and services.
  9. No Worries Wireless assumes no responsibility for phone service interruptions for any reason, including interruptions due to catastrophe, force majeure, acts of God, etc. Availability of service and coverage services may be interrupted, delayed, or otherwise limited for a variety of reasons, including environmental conditions, unavailability of radio frequency channels, system capacity and constraints, priority access by National Security and Emergency Preparedness personnel in the event of a disaster or emergency, coordination with other systems, equipment modifications and repairs, and problems with the facilities of interconnecting carriers. No Worries Wireless does not guarantee the availability of the wireless network or any wireless services.
  10. Subscriber assumes responsibility for all calls made on his/her phone.
  11. No Worries Wireless accepts no responsibility for any problems encountered while subscriber is roaming in another cellular service area.
  12. Cellular telephone systems use radio channels to transmit voice and data communications over a complex network. Although the law generally prohibits third parties from listening in on cellular calls, privacy cannot be guaranteed, and we shall not be liable to you for lack of privacy you experience while using the unit or the service. If you are concerned with protecting your privacy, there may be products on the market available at your expense which can scramble the calls.
  13. Customer has no proprietary or ownership to or interests in a specific telephone number assigned to the unit.
  14. The availability of services depends upon your payment in advance of all charges when they are due. If you fail to make payments when due, the services will be suspended and/or cancelled. A 30 day grace period will follow the account expiration, in which money can be added to replenish the account and retain the telephone number. Upon reconnection of service a reconnect fee of $10.00. If the account maintains a $0.00 or negative balance for any period of 30 consecutive days, the account will be terminated and the telephone number reassigned. Once terminated, if the customer wishes to receive future services under this plan, a new account must be established, a new activation fee will be charged and a new telephone number will be assigned. All money applied for services is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  15. Activation/Upgrade fees (up to $10/line) will apply.
  16. A $30.00 service charge is added to all returned checks (plus tax).
  17. Services and features are good for 30 days. Amounts paid for service charges are non-refundable and account balances are not transferable, refundable, or redeemable for cash.
  18. Services must be used in the current billing cycle and does not carry over to the next 30 day term. There are no credits for unused data.
  19. Coverage and service may not be available everywhere.
  20. In Mexico and Canada – data speed, usage and other restrictions apply.
  21. Either party may terminate this Agreement (which will end your service with No Worries Wireless) at any time and for any reason.You are responsible for all charges until your account is cancelled. You may also request that we transfer ("port") your number to another carrier and service for that number will be cancelled when the porting is complete. You are responsible for all charges until the port-out is complete. We do not guarantee that number transfers to or from us will be successful. You will not receive a refund or credit for the unused portion of your account balance if you decide to cancel service before your monthly service period ends.
  22. You agree that we may, in our sole discretion, without limitation and without notice, limit, interrupt, suspend or cancel your service for any reason, including, but not limited to: (a) any conduct that we believe violates the Terms and Conditions of Service, or our policies; (b) your failure to have 

    or maintain an adequate account balance; (c) if you behave in an abusive, derogatory or similarly unreasonable manner with any of our representatives; (d) if we have reason to believe that your device or our service is being used for an unlawful or fraudulent purpose, for a prohibited use or in a way that may adversely affect our service; or e) your account becomes unprofitable to No Worries Wireless.

  23. You will not have access to detailed usage records for most services, and we will not provide you with monthly bills.You may access your account on our website or by visiting a store. We will attempt to send you monthly SMS reminders of your account status, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive them or that you will receive them before your account is suspended or cancelled.

  24. No Worries Wireless offers phone service plans with limited home area high-speed data allotments. After you have used all of your high-speed data allotment, your data download speeds will be reduced to a maximum 512Kbps for the rest of your monthly service period. These plans provide data with speeds up to 3,4 or 5 Mbps dependent on plan. See brochure for details. Download speeds listed are maximum and could be less according to network coverage and availability. 
  25. No Worries Wireless offers phone service plans with limited roam high speed data allotments. Data speeds in roam areas are offered at speeds up to 256Kbps. After you have used all of your roam data allotment according to your plan, your data download speeds will be reduced to a maximum 56Kbps for the rest of your monthly service period. Download speeds listed are maximum and could be less according to network coverage and availability.
  26. No Worries Wireless may slow speeds during period of network congestion.
  27. Data usage and tethering that violates the Terms and Conditions of Service may be slowed or terminated.
  28. Data roaming may have reduced speeds.
  29. The mobile hotspot shares and contributes to the monthly plan’s high speed date allowance.
  30. No Worries Wireless provides wireless data and messaging services, including, but not limited to, features that may be used with data services and wireless content and applications ("Data Services"). Our Data Services are intended to be accessed with your device for the following permitted activities: (a) web browsing; (b) email; (c) internet access; (d) uploading and downloading ordinary applications and content to and from the Internet; and (e) using applications and content without excessively contributing to network congestion. You agree that No Worries Wireless may engage in any reasonable network management practice and that you will use No Worries Wireless’ Data Services only for these permitted activities.
  31. Third party data content may harm your device and its software, and we are not responsible for any third party data content that you download, install, or use with our Data Services.
  32. You will be charged for all data usage when your device is connected to a network, whether you initiate the connection or it runs automatically in the background and whether successful or not.